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“Tom and Sarah: God bless you in your missionary work. It was a pleasure meeting you” Chuck Norris.


“I trust AiG’s endorsement will open up opportunities for you” –Ken Ham

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“I’ve simply come to appreciate Shasta better because of being around Tom. Love ya Tom.” –Josh McDowell


Prof. Tom Meyer, “The Bible Memory Man” is a Christian guest speaker at churches and conferences where he presents the Bible spoken dramatically from memory in an engaging and powerful manner. Tom is also a professor at Shasta Bible College and is a spokesman for The BibleMemory App, the #1 app for Bible Memory in the world.

Media Source

Prof. Meyer is frequently a source of expert information on anything related to the Bible in the national and international news media. On topics ranging from archeology, end times prophecy, to Bible memorization, etc., he has been featured in interviews on FOX News, The Jerusalem Post, Daily Express, CBN, KLOVE, Moody Radio, and many others.

Scheduling Information

Tom is part of the speaker’s bureau at Smith Media Group. To inquire about booking Tom to come speak the Word of God dramatically from memory, teach how to memorize Scripture, or give a presentation on the Archaeology and Geography of the Holy Land, contact Linda Kiser at or (419) 224-6010.


Tom is the author of The Memorization Study Bible and numerous verse-by-verse Bible Commentaries.


Tom earned his B.A. in Bible and Theology from Shasta Bible College and two M.A. degrees from Jerusalem University College.

Faith and Family

While studying in Jerusalem, Tom met his wife Sarah on Mount Zion in 2009. Tom and Sarah were married in Jerusalem in 2011 and are the proud parents of four children. The family travels together nationally as Tom presents the Bible spoken dramatically from memory as a guest speaker.

Tom Meyer
Redding, CA 96002