Media stories about our Bible memory ministry are precious. They give prospective churches and the public an idea of the accomplishments of Prof. Tom Meyer as he comes as a guest speaker—a glance into Tom’s accolades in Bible memory and his studies in Jerusalem.

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News Coverage

Sowing the Word (FOX News)
Make Bible Memory a New Year’s Resolution (Fox News)
Entire NT spoken from heart in Dallas (Fox News)
7 people recite entire NT from memory (Fox News)
It’s not the end of the world! (FOX News)
The Plague of 2020 (Fox News)
Archaeology and Modern Medicine Shed Light on Daniel 4 (Jerusalem Post)
The Bible Memory Man Gives Tips to Memorize (FOX News)
Man who memorizes Bible reveals tips (Fox News)
An Interview with The Bible Memory Man (Bible Gateway)
The Memory Man inspires Memorization (700 Club)
The Bible Memory Man (Answers Magazine)
Interview with Tom and “Kurt and Kate in the mornings” (Moody Radio FL)
Interview with Tom and “The Chris Fabry Show” (Moody Radio)
Interview with Tom and “The Land and the Book” (Moody Radio)
Interview with Tom and American Family Radio (The Core)
Verse by Verse reading from memory of the entire NT (Christian Post)
Morning with Tom and Tabi (Moody Radio)
The Great Recital (CBN News Watch)
Entire NT quoted in 5-day event (Christian Headlines)
7 speakers reciting entire NT from memory (CBN)
The orality of Scripture (Bible Memory Goal)
Historic recitation of Scripture in Dallas (Christian Post Daily Podcast)
The Bible Memory Man and others to recite entire NT (Moody Radio – Dawn and Steve in the Mornings)
Unusual: The entire NT recited from memory (Christian News – France)
The whole NT spoken from memory in Dallas (Christian News – Hungary)
The Great Recital event (Faith on View)
Bible Memory Man in Texas (94.5 FM – Louisiana Radio)
Volunteering at the Creation Museum (Pilgrim Radio)
The Bible Memory Man on Grounded (Revive our Hearts)
Meet the Bible Memory Man (CBN News Watch)
The importance of memorizing Scripture (Liftable TV)
Interview with The Bible Memory Man (Moody Radio TN)
Pray for those how mistreat you (The Sensuous Curmudgeon)
The Bible Memory Man at the Creation Museum (The World View in 5 Minutes)
Bible Memory Man at Answers in Genesis (Australian News – Vision Christian Media)
How to memorize Scripture (CBN News)
Personalities (French News – Christianity Today)
Why You Should Memorize Scripture (700 Club)
The Bible Memory Man at the Creation Museum (Answers in Genesis)
Meyer teaches memorization methods (French News – Info Chretienne)
Meyer brings his mission to the Creation Museum (Northern KY Tribune)
The Bible Memory Man moving to KY (KRCR News)
Meyer teaches how to memorize at Creation Museum (The Christian Post)Meyer enseña a memorizar en el Museo de la Creación (The Christian Post Spanish Edition)
The Bible Memory Man at the Creation Museum (Christianity Daily)
Theologian Teaches Practical Biblical Memorization Techniques (Portuguese News – Comunhao)
Man known for memorizing Scripture at Creation Museum (Faith on View)
Bible Memory Man teaching using his gift at the Creation Museum (GOD TV)
Resolve to memorize Scripture in 2022 (Answers in Genesis)
Memorize Scripture to defend your faith (Creation Museum)
Abraham was as real as you and I (Daily Express)
Mt. Saint Helens eruption shows the error in conventional dating methods (Daily Express)
How the Great Pyramid could have been built (Daily Express)
Archaeological evidence related to the Tower of Babel (Daily Express)
The importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Daily Express)
Archeological insights with Prof. Meyer (Moody Radio Florida)
Early extra-biblical sources on the historicity of Jesus (Daily Express)
Third holiest site in Judaism is a forgery (Sptunik News)
The oldest known New Testament fragment ever found (Daily Express)
Dinosaur drawings found from the Middle Ages (Daily Express)
How Tom memorizes Scripture (Bible Memory Goal)
The discovery of the full name and title of King Herod (Daily Express)
God blesses you when people mock you because you are my followers (Pahteos)
God blesses you when people say evil things against you because you are my followers (Rosa Rubicondior)
Evolution is an affront to God (Daily Express)
Archeological evidence found related to the Tabernacle (Moody Radio: The Land and the Book)
Coming up next (Daily Express)
Signs of the Times: Declining number of Christians (Daily Express)
Discovery of lost civilization mentioned in the Bible (Daily Express)
More archeological discoveries found related to Pontius Pilate (Daily Express)
1,700-year-old pilgrim inscription found at Cavalry (Sputnik News)
Why there are no missing links for dinosaurs (Daily Express)
The Discovery of New Dead Sea Scrolls (Moody Radio)
How Jesus was crucified (Daily Express)
Will the real empty tomb of Jesus stand up (Daily Express)
Evidence dinosaurs and man lived together (CNN 18)
Evidence related to the Philistine city of Ekron (Sputnik International)
The Destiny of the Devil (Daily Express)
Second Peter and the Second Coming (Daily Express)
The earth is only 6,000 years old (International Business Times)
Guardian Angels (Daily Express)
Dragons and the Bible (Daily Express)
1st century boat found in Sea of Galilee (Daily Express)
Discovery of the forbidden Jewish Temple (MSN)
Testimony of angels protecting missionaries (Daily Express)
The only archeological find with King David’s name (Daily Express)
Burn layer at Hazor from time of Joshua proves Bible is right (Daily Express)
Possible location of Second Temple Treasures (Daily Express)
The Mystery of Lawlessness (Daily Express)
The X marks the spot of the Tabernacle found (Daily Express)
COVID-19: An awful taste of things to come (IB Times)
Chance find related to King Uzziah discovered (Daily Express)
How the Euphrates River can dry up (Daily Express)
The mighty earthquake to come (Christianity Daily)
Discovery of the only known dino tracks in the Holy Land (Daily Express)
Evidence related to Abraham’s family tree found (Daily Express)
The Coming of the Two Witnesses (Daily Express)
Temple Mount Archaeology (Daily Express)
The 14-Pointed Star of Bethlehem (Daily Express)
Evidence of the homes where Jesus lived? (Daily Express)
Copper Scroll: 3 Trillion-dollar treasure (Newstalk: Ireland)
Evidence of the Ark inside the Dome of the Rock (Moody Radio)
Christmas Star 2020: The wise men (Daily Express)
Most important Iron Age 2 fortification in Jerusalem (Daily Express)
Evidence related to King Jehu discovered (Daily Express)
Greatest manuscript discovery of all time (Daily Express)
Belshazzar and the writing on the wall (Daily Express)
The Black Pharaoh’s of Egypt (Daily Express)
When the Bible says the world will end (Ordo News)
Located: Where the Ark of the Covenant once stood (Daily Express)
The Pharaoh of the Exodus Identified (Daily Express)
Evidence found related to the last king of Judah (Daily Express)
The 10 Plagues and their relation to the gods of Egypt (Daily Express)
Six fingered giants really did exist (Daily Express)
The Bible’s location of Noah’s Ark is collaborated by world’s oldest map (Daily Express)
Witches in the Bible (Daily Express)
Discovery of King Hezekiah’s personal seal (Sputnik News: Russia)
Archeological evidence related to Balaam the Prophet (Daily Express)
Even the strangest accounts in the Bible are true (Moody Radio TN)
Archaeology demonstrates the grizzly nature of Israel’s enemies (Daily Express)
The oldest church in the Holy Land found by chance (Daily Express)
City gate found in Israel from the time of Abraham (Daily Express)
Discovery of King Herod’s Tomb (Daily Express)
Tom interviewed by Moody Radio’s “The Land and the Book” (Moody Radio)
Archaeological evidence of Pilate and Caiaphas come to light (Daily Express)
Archaeology and the book of Ezra (Daily Express)
In the year 2240 if man is still alive (Daily Express)
How the Patriarch Jacob was probably mummified (Daily Express)
Discovery of the oldest known map of the Holy Land (Daily Express)
The seal of evil queen Jezebel found (Daily Express)
Are we in the End Times? (Chicago Daily Herald)
Archeological discoveries related to King Solomon (Daily Express)
Insights on the discovery of Hezekiah’s Tunnel (Daily Express)
The Amarna tablets and their possible relation to the Israelites (Daily Express)
Discovery of Rahab’s House at Jericho (Daily Express)
What the Philistines looked like (Daily Express)
Evidence related to the historicity of Jonah and the whale (Daily Express)
Pharaoh dolls with curses from Egypt (Germany)
Jonah and the Whale (Gala Media: Indonesia)
Plans for a Third Jewish Temple already in the works (Daily Express)
The Bible Memory Man pranked by his kids during an interview (Germany)
Intriguing archeological discoveries related to King Omri (Daily Express)
Temple Mount Archaeology (Daily Express)
Discoveries Support Bible’s Historical Reliability (Dual Dove)
Bible Memory Man on German TV (Idea)
Great Radio interview with Tom about Bible Archaeology (Moody Radio FL)
Some claim this idol is the face of YHWH? (Daily Express)
Personal Seal of Isaiah the Prophet found (Daily Express)
The discovery of a long-lost Biblical text (Socientifica: Portuguese News)
Could Archeology and Modern Medicine Help Validate the Bible? (Alliance the Premier Magazine for Jews: France)
What the Patriarchs probably looked like (Daily Express)
Bible Memory Man: In the Market Place with Janet Parshall (Moody Radio)
Archeological evidence related to Eglon the fat King of Moab (Daily Express)
Bible Memory Man: The Land and the Book (Moody Radio)
Silver Scrolls: One of the most significant discoveries ever made (Daily Express)
Ancient Egyptian texts validate historicity of Bible (Daily Express)
Archaeology and Modern Medicine Validate Text (The News of Israel: Spanish)
Extra-biblical proof for Nebuchadnezzar’s Madness (Daily Express)
Tom’s adventures in Israel (The Land and the Book: Moody Radio)
Bible Memory Man near Winona Lake (Ink-Free News)
Who were the Sons of God and Nephilim? (Daily Express)
The Walls of Jericho came tumbling down (Daily Express)
Proof Jesus is the Jewish Messiah (Open the Word)
Fantastic archeological find once again validating the Bible (Daily Express)
Archaeological discoveries concerning Samson (Spanish Christian News)
The Bible Memory Man (Moody Radio FL)
“The Lie” to come (Daily Express)
Archaeology related to Samson (Sputnik News)
Specialist on the fall of Jericho (Gospel News Brazil)
Mathematical proof Jesus is the Jewish Messiah (Daily Express)
The Bible Memory Man on the 2020 Election (Presidential Election News)
Samson and Archaeology (Daily Express)
Signs of the Antichrist’s Arrival (Daily Express)
Memorize Scripture in Unprecedented Times (Moody Radio)
Discovery of Naboth’s Vineyard (Daily Express)
Archeological proof of the battle of Jericho (Guide Me News: Spanish)
Chronology of the End of Days (Sputnik News)
Greatest archeological discovery yet to be made (Daily Express)
Miracles in the book of Joshua (Daily Express)
Real Location of Armageddon (Daily Express)
Garden of Eden evidence? (The Daily Beast)
Possible location of the Ark of the Covenant (Daily Express)
Genesis and Archaeology (Daily Express)
Tips on Memorizing Scripture (Christian News Journal)
The Identity of the Antichrist (Daily Express)
The Third Jewish Temple (Daily Express)
Does COVID-19 herald the Apocalypse? (University of Alberta)
Sumerian King List (Suptnik News)
Did Israel cross the Reed Sea or Red Sea? (Daily Express)
Trump Dynasty (Daily Express)
Merneptah Stela proves Israel’s existence (Daily Express)
Holy Land’s Greatest Treasure Trove (Sputnik News)
Bible Scholar Makes 2020 Prediction (Dual Dove)
Rapture then Second Coming (Daily Express UK)
Are we in the End Times? (
The Four Horseman (Daily Express UK)
Our Blessed Hope (Daily Express UK)
Live with The Bible Memory Man (Premier Christian Radio UK)
Memorizing Scripture in 2020 (Moody Radio Indiana)
California Man memorizing Scripture (World Net Daily)
Interview with Bible Memory Man (Pilgrim Radio)
Bible Memory in the New Year (Moody Radio WA)
The Bible Memory Man (Bible Advocate Magazine)
How To Memorize Scripture (The Christian Post)
Revelation quoted dramatically from memory (CBS 13)
I sold it all and went into ministry (Christian Post)
Revelation spoken from memory (Santa Cruz Sentinel)
Bible Memory Man in N. California (Sun Herald)
How to Memorize Scripture (Baptist Bulletin)
Memory Feat of Biblical Proportions (Davis Enterprise)
Bible Memory: Thanksgiving Style (Red Bluff Daily News)
Prof. teaches how to Memorize Scripture (BCNN)
Bible Memory Man at the Museum and Ark this Summer (Ken Ham)
Importance of Scripture Memory (Sermon Audio)
Bible Memory Man in Town (Lassen County News)
Bible Memory Man in Cleveland (Bedord Tribune)
The Lost Discipline (Answers Magazine)
The Memorization Study Bible (In the Market Place with Janet Parshall)
‘Wordsower’ A Scriptural Feat of Memory (Christian Post)
Memory man recites holy text by heart (San Diego Union Tribune)
The Bible Memory Man teaching Revelation (Red Bluff Daily News)
Bible Memory Man to quote Christmas Story (The Bakersfield Californian)
Jerusalem to South Lake Tahoe (South Tahoe News)
Course on Bible Memorization (Red Bluff Daily News)
Memory Man to Speak in Omaha (Omaha World Herald)
New Year’s Resolution: Bible Memorization (CBN News)
Return of the Bible Memory Man (Waverly Democrat)
Bible Memorization and Judaism (Igniting a Nation)
Radio Interview with The Bible Memory Man (93.9 Portland)
Meyer shares gospel after crash (Christian Post)
Revelation in Minnesota (News Leaders)
The Memory Man Returns (Red Bluff Daily News)
The Memory Man is coming to town (Isanti News)
The Bible Memorization Study Bible (Christian Post)
Man Memorizes 20 books of the Bible (ABC TV Buffalo)
The Return of the Bible Memory Man (Answers in Genesis)
Tom Meyer: The Memory Man (CBN TV)
Helping us memorize the Bible (Christian Today)
Why memorize Scripture? (Uganda Christian News)
Christian Television Network (It’s Time)
Archaeology presentation this weekend (Faribault Daily News)
College starting soon with Bible Memory Man (Red Bluff Daily News)
Meyer recites books from memory as Prof. (Christian Post)
Meyer to host Bible program (Huntington County Press)
Prof. Meyer to recite books of Bible as class (Breaking Christian News)
Meyer to perform book of Revelation (Times Recorder)
The Bible Memory Man (Answers in Genesis)
Author to recite the entire book of Revelation (St. Cloud Times)
Recitation of Revelation slated for Sunday (Faribault Daily News)
Radio Interview – MP3 file (Denver, CO)
Holy Land Explorer (Lake County News)
The Bible from memory (Ken Ham)
Memorizing the Word: Speaker from the Holy Land to visit Auburn (Auburn Reporter)
A Scriptural Feat of Memory (Christian Post)
Praise FM Radio: Archaeology Interview (Radio Interview)
Wordsower Ministries Here (Ken Ham)
Meyer “The Memory Man” Returns to the Museum (Answers in Genesis)
On the religion beat: Book of Revelation from his memory (Star Tribune)
Becoming a Living, Breathing Bible (Answers in Genesis)
Man Recites Book Of Revelation From Memory-Video (10 News San Diego)
Bible Baptist hosts drama presentation of Bible (Star News)
Victory 91.5 Radio: Atlanta (Radio Interview)
Janet Mefferd Radio Show (Radio Interview)
Point of Faith AM 91 Radio: Denver (Radio Interview)
Praise FM Radio: Minneapolis (Radio Interview)
Looking for Revelation as world ends? (Daily Herald Chicago)
Ephesians from Memory (Red Bluff Daily News)
Bible Drama Presentation (West Sacramento Web)
Wordsower to perform at theater (Christian Beacon)
Prof. to discuss End Times (Red Bluff Daily News)
Entire Book of Revelation from memory (Journal Standard)
Two men quote Bible from memory for 24 hours (Christian Post)
Bible Memory for Nepal (World Religion News)
24 hours of the Bible from memory (Christian Headlines)
Man Learns to Memorize in Jerusalem (Belgium Christian News)
Scripture Memory in the Classroom (Korean Christian Daily)
Memorizing the Word of God (Vietnamese Christian News)
Memory Marathon (Portuguese Christian News)
Preaching from memory (German Christian News)
24 hours straight of Bible memory (Black Christian News Network)
Bible Memory Expert (Red Bluff Daily News)
If Memory Serves . . . (Ken Ham)
The Return of the Bible Memory Man (Isanti County News)
The Memory Man back in Texas (Abilene Reporter)
Meyer featured in memorization presentation (Daytona Beach News Journal)
Prof. Meyer teaches prophets from memory (Red Bluff Daily News)
Bible Memory Man at the Lake (Record Bee)
Memory Man in N. California (Lake County News)
From Jerusalem to Zamora? (Davis Enterprise)
Bible Archaeology Presentation (Ukiah Daily Journal)
Bible Memory Man in California (Paso Robles Daily News)
Archaeology of the Holy Land Conference (Red Bluff Daily News)
Bible Memory Man on the Morning Show (88.5 JFM Radio)
Prof. teaches class how to memorize the Bible (KRCR TV)
Show Me Your Bible (CMN)
The Three Pillars of Scripture Memory (Homeschool Teacher)
The Bible Memory Man Radio Interview (Southwest Radio)
The Importance of Memorizing Scripture (Life on Purpose TV)
Tips to absorb the Word of God (Focus India)
Simple Ways to Memorize Scripture (Christian News Journal)
Measures taken to Prepare for the End of the World (Ripley’s Believe it or Not)
Revelation Tapestry (The Guardian)
Easter Edition: The location of Golgotha (Express Mail UK)
Holy Land Explorer: Where is Calvary? (Dual Dove Media)
When will the Rapture happen? (Express Mail UK)
Bible Memory Man describes history of Golgotha (International Business Times)
Is the Apocalypse Happening Now? (Beliefnet)
You’re worried about 2029! (Express Mail UK)
What happens in the End Times? (International Business Times)
Does the Bible really warn about a doomsday asteroid? (Sputnik News Russia)
King David really was a historical figure (Patheos)
Tom Meyer and friends recite the NT from memory (French News)
The place where Jesus Christ was born (Daily Express)
Tips on how to memorize Scripture (French News)
News Update: The Great Recital (Truth Itself News)
7 Christians recite all 27 books of the NT (Chinese News)
Why even Indiana Jones couldn’t find the Ark (Aleteia)
Tips for Memorizing the Bible (Vigour Times)
You can memorize Scripture too! (Revive News – Netherlands)
The Great Recital Recap (The Post Journal)
Discovery of Ekron Inscription (Arkeonews)
Memorizing Scripture (Vision Media – Australia)
Archaeology and the Bible (Moody Radio)
Making Memorization Memorable (Answers in Genesis)
Archaeology demonstrates accuracy of Scripture (The Western Journal)
Tips for Memorizing Scripture (Beliefnet)
Memorize one verse a week (The Gospel Hearld – China)
The Tower of Babel (Portuguese News)
Air Force Base to host archaeology conference (Navarre Press)
Discovery of ancient civilization confirms Scripture (Ukraine News)
A tsunami of archeological evidence (CBN 700 Club)